Top 8 Reasons Passport Photos are Denied

Thursday, September 7, 2017

September is passport awareness month!  The US Department of State would like us to remind you what the most commonly made mistakes they see everyday.  Make sure your customer's passport photo clears inspection and doesn't delay their application.  See below the top reasons passport photos are denied.  Don't forget NO GLASSES in passport or visa photos.

Top 8 Reasons Passport Photos are Denied:

  1. Not in front of plain white background
  2. Hair or other objects covering part of face
  3. Face in the photo is not centered
  4. Photo is damaged
  5. Shadows on face or background
  6. Photo is overexposed or underexposed
  7. No Glasses in your photo
  8. Head too large or too small in frame

Visit to learn more about U.S. passport and visa photo requirements!


Passport Photo Denied

No Glassees

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