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Replacement Blade for Dahle 507 & 508 Rolling Trimmers

SKU: 97842
Replacement  Blade for the Dahle 12" & 18" Personal Rolling Trimmers | SKU 97842

Replacement Blade for Dahle 560 Guillotine Cutter

SKU: 34023
Replacement Blade for the 13" Dahle 560 Professional Guillotine Cutter | SKU 34023

Dahle 552 Professional Head Replacement

SKU: 11261
Professional Head Replacement 55 2 | Dahle 647| SKU 11261

18" Replacement Clamp for Dahle 508

SKU: 97998
This 18" replacement clamp provides even pressure that prevents your work from shifting. This is for the clamp only. Trimmer sold separately.

RotaTrim Replacement Blade

SKU: 96731
This RotaTrim replacement blade fits all RotaTrim Trimmers.

Cutting Sticks for Triumph Cutters 4300

SKU: 11805
These cutter sticks come in a pack of 12 and can be used for the Triumph 4300 paper cutter. The polyurethane cutter sticks can be easily be rotated or changed from the outside of the Triumph cutters, without removing the machine covers. The sticks have eight sides and have a considerable life-span.

Fiskars Replacement Blades - 60mm

SKU: 34598
Replacement blades for Fiskar Comport Loop Rotary Cutter | QTY 5 pack
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