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Photo Chemistry

From the brands you trustin Kodak Chemistry, Fuji Chemistry, CPAC Chemsitry & Champion Chemistry, Pakor is the leading supplier of photo chemistry! Keep your production department running efficiently with our wide variety of photo chemistry at affordable prices.

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Kodak Rapid Seleium Toner, 1x8 Quart

SKU: 5160445
Kodak Rapid Selenium is used with warm-tone papers to produce several cold brown hues. | SKU 5160445

Kodak Hypo Clearing Agent, 5 Gal

SKU: 444.0213
Hypo Clearing Agent speeds the removal of fixer from film and papers to reduce wash times and temperatures. Makes 5 Gallons. Includes 20 per case. | SKU 444.0213

CPAC Trebla RA-PRO Digital Part A - 25 Gallons

SKU: 444.2989
30BF398 Part - A | 25 Gallons | SKU 444.2989

CPAC Trebla RA-PRO Digital Part B - 25 Gallons

SKU: 444.2901
30DE339 Part - B | 25 Gallons | SKU 444.2901

Mydoneg SP-100 Developer Replenisher T/M 4x5L

SKU: 140116
Champion 4×5L Mydoneg SP-100 Developer/Replenisher | SKU 140116
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