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Photo Chemistry

From the brands you trustin Kodak Chemistry, Fuji Chemistry, CPAC Chemsitry & Champion Chemistry, Pakor is the leading supplier of photo chemistry! Keep your production department running efficiently with our wide variety of photo chemistry at affordable prices.

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Fuji Universal Frontier P1 Developer Start Up Kit

SKU: 444.1767
Universal CP48/49 P1 Start Up Kit. 2 mixes per case. | SKU 444.1767

Fuji FHRSS - 12 Cartridge, 1 x 1

SKU: 600015101
Water Conditioning Rinse Aid. | SKU 600015101

Fuji EnviroCHEM Photolab Cleaner, 6 x 1 LB

SKU: 600015541
1 mix per case. | SKU 600015541

Fuji CN-16S N4-S Stabilizer Start Up, 6 x 5.7 L

SKU: 600005377
CN16S N4-S Stabilizer Start Up Kit. 6 mixes per case. | SKU 600005377

Fuji CP RA P2-R Bleach Fix & Repl., 4 x 10 L

SKU: 444.1772
CP RA P2-R Bleach Fix & Replenisher. 4 mixes per case. | SKU 444.1772

Fuji EC-ADM N3-S FX Start Up Kit, 3 L

SKU: 444.3160
Fixer starter solution for Dlab | SKU 444.3160

Kodak Bleach Fix Repl. Prime LORR, 10 Gal

SKU: 444.0926
Kodak Ektacolor Prime Bleach-Fix Replenisher (LORR) RA-4 is used to preserve and extend the developing chemistry in minilabs. This means less mixing of fresh chemistry and less waste. 10 Gallons | SKU 444.0926

Kodak Prime SP Bleach-Fix Starter, 4x1.2L

SKU: 6601058
KODAK EKTACOLOR Chemicals for Process RA-4 offer you fast access time, low replenishment rates, and lower water usage for consistent, repeatable print quality. | SKU 6601058

Kodak RA Developer Replenisher, 25 Gal

SKU: 444.0153
Used to process RA-4 color prints and prepared in rotary-tube and drum processors. Makes 25 Gallons | SKU 444.0153

Kodak RA Dev Repl, Part A – 75 Gal

SKU: 444.1001
Use this solution to replenish developer tank solution, Makes 75 Gallons | SKU 444.1001

Kodak RA Dev Repl, Part C, 75 Gal

SKU: 444.1031
Kodak Ektacolor RA Developer Replenisher, Part C for Color Negative Paper. Makes 75 Gallons. A required $33 HAZMAT fee will be added to your shipping costs for this product. | SKU 444.1031

Kodak Ektacolor Dev Repl RT, Part A, 50 Gal

SKU: 8212185
Use this solution to replenish developer tank solution. Use with 8531691. Makes 50 Gallons | SKU 8212185
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