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Photo Chemistry

From the brands you trustin Kodak Chemistry, Fuji Chemistry, CPAC Chemsitry & Champion Chemistry, Pakor is the leading supplier of photo chemistry! Keep your production department running efficiently with our wide variety of photo chemistry at affordable prices.

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CN16S NC1 Cartridge Repl., 2 - 5.5 L

SKU: 444.1761
This product is part of a plug-and-play replenishment cartridge system. 2 mixes per case. | SKU 444.1761

Fuji CN-16S NC2 Cartridge Repl., 2x2.5 L

SKU: 444.1762
A plug-and-play replenishment cartridge that is used for minilab processors. Each NC2 cartridge will process 1,000 rolls of 135-24 film. | 2 mixes per case. | SKU 444.1762

Fuji EC1 RA 108 P1-R Developer Repl., 4 x 10 L

SKU: 444.1708
EC-RA P1-S Developer Starter. 1 mix per case. | A required $35.00 HAZMAT fee will be added to your shipping for this product. | SKU 444.1708

Fuji Super Conditioning Tablets, 5 L

SKU: 444.1756
100 mixes per case. | SKU 444.1756

Fuji PRO6 First Developer Starter, 1 Gal

SKU: 600001013
PRO6 First Developer Starter. 1 mix per case. 1 Gallon Bottle. | SKU 600001013

Fuji PC Cart Repl. CP49LR PCx2

SKU: 600004889
Each cartridge contains both developer and bleach fix and is designed to process 125 m2 (square meters) of paper. 2 mixes per cases. | CPAC Manufacturer part #35CP397 is replaced by Fuji's part #600004889.

Fuji Digital RA Pro P1-R Dev. Repl., 2X12.5G

SKU: 444.1727
For Processing Fujicolor CA and Process RA-4 Compatible Color Papers. 12.5 Gal. 2 mixes per case. | SKU 444.1727

Fuji Digital RA Pro P1-RA Dev. Repl., 47.6G

SKU: 444.2875
Digital RA Pro P1-RA Developer Replenisher. (part A) Use with 600005097 (Part B) — 1 mix per case. 47.6 Gal. A required $33 HAZMAT fee will be added to your shipping costs for this product. | SKU 444.2875

Fuji Digital RA Pro P1-RB Dev. Repl., 50 Gal

SKU: 444.2876
Digital RA Pro P1-RB Developer Replenisher. (partB) 1 mix per case. 50 Gal. | SKU 444.2876

FUJI Acetic Acid 90% Solution, 1 Gal

SKU: 600005100
This is a clear, colorless liquid that is used as a stop bath to stop the development process in black and white film chemistry. 1 Gal. 1 mix per case. A required $35 HAZMAT fee will be added to your shipping costs for this product. | SKU 600005100

Fuji Potassium Hydroxide 45% Solution, 5 Gal

SKU: 600005104
For processing all resin coated black & white continuous tone papers. 1 mix per case. 5 Gal. | SKU 600005104

Fuji EC-ADM Paper Kit , 2x110

SKU: 444.1728
This EC-ADM PC Cartridge is a plug-in replenishment cartridge system that eliminates the need to mix processor replenisher chemicals.. 2 mixes per case | SKU 444.1728
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