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Passport foot traffic

Over 21 million sets of passport photos were taken last year in the U.S. and that number is on the rise. Adding passport photo services to your business is a great opportunity to increase foot traffic and improve your sales. Check out the trends for yourself at

With Pakor's Passport photo systems each passport photo costs less than a dollar to produce, and US passport photos retail for as much as $15.00 - International passport photos up to $35.00 - giving you great profit margins!

Pakor has been the leading supplier in passport photo equipment and passport supplies for over 25 years. With our expert knowledge, we have been able to support thousands of individual locations and help them create the perfect passport photos for their customers. Call our experts today at 800-249-3165 to see how easy it is for you to add passport photo equipment and passport photo supplies to your existing business. 

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fastID Passport Photo - Includes CamFi

SKU: 34300
The new fastID is a wireless passport photo system (printer, server & CamFi). Camera not included. See list of Canon/Nikon cameras that work with this CamFi wireless transmitter under the specifications tab. | SKU 34300

DNP IDW500 Passport & ID Photo Solution

The IDW500 is designed to produce passport and ID photos that comply with government requirements for 25 countries. | SKU IDW500-SET


SKU: 34034
This ID station comes with a Canon that is tethered to the printer. SKU 34034
$2,495.00 $2,195.00

Media for ID station Printer (STOP & CHECK BEFORE ORDERING - This passport paper is for the older Samsung Camera and Photomatic systems).

SKU: 12101
Box of paper (2 rolls) and ribbon (2) for the ID station photo printer. 600 prints per case. (The ID station printer has a black sticker with the ID station logo on the front of it.) | SKU 12101 ***SEE BELOW TO CONFIRM THIS MEDIA WORKS IN YOUR PRINTER***
As Low As $249.95

DNP 4x6 Single Packaged Roll ID Media

SKU: IDW5004X6
For use with IDW500 Passport ID Photo Solution, 1 Single Packaged Roll, 350 Prints Total.

DNP ID400 Passport Print Pack - 4"x6"

A set of print pack for use with DNP ID400 Wireless Passport Photo printer that produce 250 total prints.

DNP/Sony Passport Media - 4" x 6" Print Kit

SKU: 98328
This media is used in Sony's UPX-C200 & UPX-C300 printers. 10 packs (25 sheets per pack) (98328D)

HiTi S420 4" x 6" Media Kit - 600 prints

SKU: 11574
4" x 6" Media paper for passports | 12 packs of 50 sheets | 600 sheets per case | Dye Sub ribbons included with each pack | SKU 11574

HiTi S420 4" x 6" Media Kit - 50 prints

SKU: 11575
One single package of 4" x 6" Hiti S420 media paper | SKU 11575

Extra Heavy Duty USA Passport Cutter - 2 x 2 Inch

SKU: 98813
Extra heavy duty USA Passport Cutter is a flat table top punch-style cutter that produces 2" x 2" inch photos. Cutting surface is horizontal. ** Recommended for use with fastID or ID Station passport systems ** SKU 98813

Passport Cutter for USA photos- 2" x 2" Inch

SKU: 12601
Tabletop Passport Photo Cutter, 2 x 2 Inch (50 mm x 50 mm) Corners will be square.

Passport Screen with Tripod - 32-5/8" x 49"

SKU: 98804
White Passport Screen with Tripod SKU 98804

Passport Screen - Wall Mount (28.8" x 60")

SKU: 29946
28.8" W x 60" L | SKU 29946

Passport Screen - Wall Mount (40" x 60")

SKU: 34112
40" W x 60" L Wall Mount Passport Photo Background Screen | SKU 34112

NEW Passport Print Folder - Blue (100 pkg)

SKU: 20532
Updated Passport Print folders with up-to-date verbiage recommended by the US State Department. Each folder securely holds two passport photos. Blue front and back with white inside. (Pack of 100)
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