Passport Photo Accessories

Pakor is a professional wholesaler for passport photo supplies including background screens, passport print folders, passport photo cutters, and a variety of other accessories. We have our passport photo supplies in-stock and ready to ship now so you can create high-quality, professional passport photos for your customers. 

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Extra Heavy Duty USA Passport Cutter - 50mm x 50mm (1.9685” x 1.9685”)

SKU: HPC.500.500.002
Extra heavy duty USA Passport Cutter is a flat table top punch-style cutter that produces 50mm x 50mm (1.9685” x 1.9685”) photos. Cutting surface is horizontal. ** Recommended for use with fastID or ID Station passport systems ** SKU 98813

Pakor LED Photo ID Backdrop, 30"x 37"

SKU: 34748M
This lighted background gives you a uniform plain white background that is free of shadows. The perfect solution for locations with poor lighting conditions. Made in the USA.

Passport Cutter for USA photos - 50mm x 50mm (1.9685” x 1.9685”)

SKU: HPC.500.500.001
Tabletop Passport Photo Cutter, 50mm x 50mm (1.9685” x 1.9685”) Corners will be square.

Passport Cutter for Canada photos - 50 mm x 70 mm (1.9685” x 2.75591”)

SKU: HPC.500.700.001
Tabletop Passport Photo Cutter, 50 mm x 70 mm (1.9685” x 2.75591”) | SKU 31936

Passport Cutter for China - 35m x 45mm (1.29921” x 1.88976”)

SKU: HPC.330.480.001
This handheld passport cutter is used for China passport photos. 35m x 45mm (1.29921” x 1.88976”) | SKU 34421

Passport Cutter for Mexico & others - 35mm x 45mm (1.37795” x 1.77165”)

SKU: HPC.350.450.001
Tabletop Passport Photo Cutter, 35mm x 45mm (1.37795” x 1.77165”) | SKU 98239

Passport Screen - Wall Mount (28.8" x 60")

28.8" W x 60" L

Passport Screen - Wall Mount (40" x 60")

40" W x 60" L Wall Mount Passport Photo Background Screen | SKU 34112

Passport Screen with Tripod - 32-5/8" x 49"

SKU: 98804
White Passport Screen with Tripod SKU 98804

NEW Passport Print Folder - White (500/pkg)

SKU: 98617A
Updated Passport Print folders with up-to-date verbiage recommended by the US State Department. Each folder securely holds two passport photos. White cover. (Pack of 500) | SKU 98617A

Energizer Recharge PRO Charger

SKU: 98625
Charge 2 or 4 AA or AAA batteries in just 3 hours. Charger includes 4 NiMH Batteries | SKU 98625

Energizer Recharge Rechargeable Batteries - AA4

SKU: 98410
4-pack of AA NiMH recharge power plus (rechargeable batteries) SKU 98410
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