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For over 10 decades, Pakor has been a trusted wholesale supplier for professional media. Do you need inkjet, solvent, dye sublimation or transfer paper? We offer a wide selection to fullfil our customer's every need.  Pakor carries brands like Canon, Epson, Kodak, Fuji, HP, Hahnemuhle, DNP, Hiti, Mitsubishi, Beaver, True Pix, along with their own private label brand.

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  • Printer Model: DNP DS80DX or DNP UPCX1

DNP DS80 Duplex Dye-Sub Media Paper 8" x 10"

8x10 Duplex Media Kit, 2 Rolls, 130 total prints

DNP DS80 Duplex Dye-Sub Media Paper 8" x 12"

SKU: DS80D8X12
8" X 12" Print Size. 55 Prints per roll. 2 Rolls per case. 110 prints total. | SKU DS80D8X12

DNP Snaplab UPCR10L & UPCX1 4” x 6” Dye-Sub Media

SKU: 98675
4" x 6" Print Size | 200 prints per roll. | 2 rolls per case | SKU 98675
As Low As $75.00

DNP Snaplab UPCR10L & UPCX1 5” x 7” Dye-Sub Media

SKU: 98676
Two 5" paper and ribbon rolls for use with DNP SL10, Sony UPCR10L and Sony UPCX1 Snap Lab Printing System that give you 344 prints total.
$298.50 $265.00
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