Pakor introduces DISC film

Sunday, March 31, 2019


Maple Grove, MN; April 1, 2019 – Pakor Inc. announces today they are have started producing their own line of DISC film. This film was originally introduced to by Kodak back in 1982 and left the photo industry in 1999.

The film is in the form of a flat disc, and is fully housed with a plastic cartridge. Each disc holds 15 - 10 mm x 8 mm exposures, with the disc being rotated 24° between each image. Consumers have missed these compact thin cameras. The cameras are very simple to load and unload, and are completely automated. The cassette has a built-in dark slide to prevent stray light reaching the film when the disc is removed. The flat nature of the format also provides greater sharpness over curved spool-based cassette formats. Pakor Disc film has a very thick acetate base, comparable to the thickness of 4”x5” sheet film.

“We at Pakor always have our customers in mind. We have had several inquiries for disc film and felt this would be a great opportunity for us. Film is making a strong comeback but customers still like the compact size of their cell phone. This is a perfect answer to this demand.” Says Vice-President Richard Mast.

Pakor is just wrapping up the production of their disc cameras. They will be in available in a variety of colors and all Pakor disc cameras will come with a selfie stick.

Hurry! Be the first to get your orders in for cameras and film. You’ll want to call your favorite Pakor sales rep today so you don’t miss out on this great opportunity.


About Pakor, Inc.:

Pakor, Inc., a pioneer in the photographic industry, began as Pako Corporation in 1912, a worldwide manufacturer of photofinishing, graphic arts and x-ray equipment. Since that time, Pakor has established itself as the leading supplier of world-class photographic equipment, supplies, and distribution services to national, regional, and independent retailers. Pakor's award-winning service is synonymous with integrity, quality, and reliability.



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4/5/2019 9:37 AM
Thank goodness, you scared me

I installed Pako processors and printing conversion kits for these back in the day. Crap like THIS 💩 is why Kodak went belly up.

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