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Kodak Inkjet Paper

Kodak has been the leader in the photo business since 1888, which is why it is one of the most trusted brands in the industry.  If you are seeking a high quality, professional large format inkjet paper, Kodak is the perfect place to start. 

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KODAK Backlit Film, 36", x 100' - Glossy

This durable gloss coated polyester film, offers excellent finishing characteristics, quick dry time and exceptional color saturation. 36' x 100', 8 mil, 280 g/m | SKU KBLGS36

KODAK Premium Photo Paper, 36" x 100'- Satin

Kodak Premium Photo Paper is a true resin-coated photo paper that offers exceptional photo quality reproduction. This photo paper can be used for photo reproduction, posters, indoor POP and short-term indoor backlit. 36" x 100', 10 mil, 225 g/m | SKU KPPS36

KODAK Premium Rapid Dry White Film, 36" x 100' - Matte

SKU: 34612
KODAK Premium Rapid-Dry White Film is a water-resistant polyester with a bright-white, matte printable surface that maximizes color fidelity and accuracy. Perfect for tradeshows and retail displays. 36" x 100', 5 mil, 296 g/m | SKU 34612

KODAK Universal Backlit Film, 36" x 100'

SKU: 222773-00
This heavyweight front-print backlit provides excellent image quality, high-speed drying and universal compatibility at a competitive price. This film offers excellent print handling and exceptional color saturation. Great for the outdoors. 36" x 100', 8 mil, 225 g/m | SKU 222773-00

KODAK Rapid-Dry Self-Adhesive Poster, 42" x 100' - Glossy

KODAK Rapid Dry Glossy Poly Poster is one of the few glossy PSA (pressure-sensitive adhesive) films ideal for long-term, high-impact indoor signage that can also be used for short-term outdoor signage. 42" x 328', 6 mil, ?? g/m | SKU KRDSAGP42

KODAK Water-Resistant Scrim Banner, 24" x 40'

SKU: 34257
KODAK Water-Resistant Scrim Banner provides a scratch- and water-resistant surface with a white point never before seen on a banner substrate. It also provides easier handling, creating better efficiency in production. 24" x 40', 16 mil, 450 g/m | SKU 34257

KODAK Water-Resistant Poly Poster, 36" x100' - Matte

SKU: 220061-00
This Poly Poster Matte is deeply saturated and offers durability, water and tear resistance. Ideal for mounted indoor and outdoor signage, tradeshow displays, theater backdrops, retail displays and floor graphics. 36" x 100', 8 mil, 130 g/m | SKU 220061-00

KODAK Self-Adhesive Poly Poster, 36" x 100'

SKU: 220067-00
This matte self-adhesive produces saturated, long-lasting prints. It is also water and tear resistance. It is ideal for mounted indoor and outdoor signage, tradeshow displays, theater backdrops, and retail displays. 36" x 100', 9 mil, 180 g/m | SKU 220067-00

Kodak PHOTO TEX Fabric, 54" x 100' - Aqueous Opaque

KODAK PHOTO TEX Repositionable Fabric sticks to any non-porous flat surface and removes easily with no residue for sharp looking, seamless graphics and superior photographic images every time.The adhesive is removable, reusable, and repositionable. 54" x 100', 6 mil, 240 g/m | SKU KPTOPA54

KODAK Universal Self-Adhesive Poster, 36" x 100'

SKU: 084-00220A
KODAK Universal Self-Adhesive Satin Poly Poster is a tear resistant, water resistant polypropylene with a permanent, pressure sensitive adhesive. It is perfect for advertising, posters and other mounted graphics. 36" x 100', 7 mil, 190 g/m | SKU 084-00220A

Kodak Pro Inkjet Paper, 6" x 328' - Lustre (Dry Lab)

SKU: 34050
These dry lab resin-coated papers are designed to produce high-end photography with greater saturation and contrast, and vibrant, accurate color. 4" x 328', 10 mil, 255 g/m (4 rolls/case) | SKU 34050

Kodak PHOTO TEX Fabric, 36" x 100' - Aqueous

SKU: 34036
KODAK Aqueous Photo Tex Repositionable Fabric is ideal for life-size photographic cut-outs for walls and wall murals. It also works great for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications, including windows, backlits, doors, sign boards, and other flat surfaces. 36' x 100', 6 mil, 240 g/m | SKU 34036
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