Kodak Chemistry

Pakor is your source of Kodak Color and Kodak Black & White Chemistry. We carry Kodak film developers, Kodak paper developers, Kodak fixers and more!

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Kodak Bleach Fix RA Replenisher, 2x10L

SKU: 6601629
Kodak Bleach Fix RA Replenisher for use in roller transport processors or other processors with low utilization. | SKU 6601629

Kodak Ektacolor RA Developer Starter, 1.2L

SKU: 6601090
Use this starter to prepare a developer working solution for all KODAK EKTACOLOR Developers. 4 per case | SKU 6601090

Kodak Flexicolor Bleach Starter, 4 X 1.2L

SKU: 6601082
Use this starter to prepare a bleach working solution from FLEXICOLOR Bleach III Replenisher. This product is odorless, non-corrosive, and nonfoaming for ease of use. | SKU 6601082
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Kodak BW Developer Dektol, 5 Gal

SKU: 444.0222
Is a single-powder, easily prepared paper developer for producing neutral and cold-tone images.. Ground Shipment Only. Makes 5 Gal| SKU 444.0222

Kodak Developer BW Dektol Paper, 1 Gal

SKU: 444.0221
For the process of Black & White paper. Ground Shipment Only. 10 per case | SKU 444.0221

Kodak Ektacolor (RA-4) Prime Stabilizer & Repl., 100 Gal

SKU: 1618032
Kodak Ektacolor (RA-4) Prime Stabilizer & Replenisher for Color Negative Paper LORR is used in place of a final wash. Makes 100 Gallon | SKU 1618032

KODAK EKTACOLOR PRIME Stabilizer and Repl., LORR, 10 L

SKU: 444.0966
KODAK EKTACOLOR (RA-4) PRIME Stabilizer & Repl., LORR, Stabilizer chemistry for tank and replenishment solutions for paper processing | SKU 444.0966

Kodak Ektacolor SM (RA-2SM) Processing Unit P2

SKU: 444.0302
For color paper processing in machines using SM cartridges. Ground Shipment Only. To Process 8,650 4 x 6 in prints | SKU 444.0302


SKU: 444.0930
For color paper processing in machines using SM cartridges. Makes 20,000 4 x 6 in prints | SKU 444.0930

Kodak Fixer for B/W Film and Paper, 1 Gal

SKU: 5160320
Kodak Fixer is a general- purpose hardening fixer for films and papers. This comes as a powder, and Mixes to working strength. Case includes 20-1 Gal Mixes | SKU 5160320

Kodak Flexicolor C41 Final Rinse Replenisher 12 x 10L

SKU: 6600399
Kodak Flexicolor Chemicals are supplied as all liquid concentrates for easy mixing and handling. | SKU 6600399

Kodak Flexicolor C-41RA Bleach Replenishers, 2 x 5L ORMD

SKU: 6600274
This odorless bleach was designed for use only with minilabs that use Process C-41RA. It requires no mixing; . ORM-D **Cannot Ship Air** Makes 2- 5 L bottles
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