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Epson Solvent Media

Epson Solvent paper and canvas was designed specifically for use with Epson Solvent printers, although it will work on any eco-solvent printer. Epson has optimized the media to provide consistent color, wider gamut, vibrant color and rich deep blacks. The lower cost of the media ensures you make more money in the production of your prints. 

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Epson GS Canvas Gloss 60"x75'

SKU: S045106
This is a premium-quality canvas for Eco Solvent based Printers. It features a glossy finish and is capable of being stretched for various display applications.

Epson GS Canvas Satin 60"x75'

SKU: S045318
Epson GS Canvas Satin features a satin finish that can be stretched for various display applications without the need for additional varnish applications. Known for being the industry leader in Dmax for deep, dark blacks, this solvent canvas produces images with a large color gamut for exceptional results.

Epson GS Display Trans Backlight Film, 60"x100'

SKU: S045341
Designed for creating backlit signage for advertisements or displays, this opaque polyester film provides for deep, rich blacks and vivid colors. When laminated this film can also be displayed as a daylight image in unlit conditions.

Epson GS Poster Paper Gloss 60"x100'

SKU: S045233
This premium photo-quality glossy paper is designed for use with Solvent inkjet printers and is optimized for use with Epson UltraChrome GS Ink.
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