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Drylab Printers

Achieve new levels of productivity with our highly efficient drylab printers from Epson and Fujifilm. These drylab printers are compact and produce professional and vibrant prints quickly. Call us today with your questions, 800-572-3600! Epson Drylab and Fuji Drylab Printers are the best in the business!


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This bundle includes DX100 Dry lab Printer & the Darkroom Core 9.2 USB Dongle. A savings of $100 on the software with purchase. All software purchases are non-refundable**

Fuji Frontier DL600 Printer

***CALL FOR PRICING, 763-551-8231***Compact and fast, the Frontier DL600 can produce prints from 3.5" x 5" up to 12" x 48". The Frontier DL600 incorporates 5 colored inks and dual paper roll flexibility producing up to 650 4R prints per hour and includes the Printer Controller unit.
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Fujifilm DX100 Large Print Tray

SKU: 16394673
Fujifilm has created a large print tray for their Frontier-S DX100 printer, which is designed to hold prints from 4-12" in length.

Fuji DX100 Printer

SKU: DX100
The Frontier-S DX100 is a small high quality inkjet printer that incorporates 6 colored inks producing up to 360 4R prints per hour. The Frontier-S DX100 meets the diverse needs and challenges of the retail minilab, retail kiosk, high-volume portrait studio, Sports & Event photography.

Epson SureLab D1070 Professional Minilab Printer (SLD1070SE)

***Pre-order Available*** Professional Minilab Printer
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Epson SureLab D1070DE Professional Minilab Printer with Double-Sided Printing (SLD1070DE)

***Pre-order Available*** Professional Minilab Printer with Double-Sided Printing
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Epson SureLab D870 Minilab Printer

The D870 is a fast minilab printer made for small-format photo production. It can print on many types of finishes in a variety of sizes, including square and panoramic photos, delivering industrial-quality performance in a compact design. The 6-color UltraChrome® D6-S Ink technology ensures vibrant colors, intense blacks, sharp contours, and smooth tonal gradations.

Dust Cover for Fuji's DL600 Printer

SKU: 34113
Designed to be used with Fuji's DL600 printer, this nylon dust cover measures 60" D x 46" W x 34" H.

Fujifilm DX100 Waste Ink Tank

SKU: 16394996
Waste tank for Fujifilm's Frontier-S DX100 printer

Fujifilm Waste Tank for the DL600 Printer

SKU: 16091154
The Fujifilm DL600 Waste Ink Tank is a DryLab technology tank, designed to be used with the DL600 printer.

Cleaning Swabs for Drylabs

SKU: 99351
Made with a sponge tip, these 9" cleaning swabs are made to clean drylab printers. | Qty: 6 per package.

Epson D700 Printer Tray

SKU: 34701
This optional print output tray is designed for the SureLab D700 drylab printer. It attaches to the front of the printer, and features a soft flexible construction, and has a shelf that can be adjusted up and down to suit small and medium print sizes.  It accepts up to 20 prints up to 203mm in length (all widths).
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