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DNP Kiosk

 Super charge your photo business now with DNP's SnapLab dye-sublimation kiosk. This all-in-one, compact system includes a printer, an order terminal and photo editing software.


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DNP SnapLab All-in-One Photo Kiosk System

This all-in-one kiosk combines a high speed printer with a durable 10.1" high resolution touchscreen monitor. With up to 400 prints per hour, the DS620A is FAST with prints in 8.3 seconds!| SKU SL620ASET

DNP DS620A 4" x 6" Dye-Sub Media Paper

SKU: DS6204X6
Two rolls per box | 400 prints per roll | SKU DS6204X6

DNP DS620A 5" x 7" Dye-Sub Media Paper

SKU: DS6205X7
5" x 7" Print Size | 230 Prints| 2 Rolls per case | 460 Prints | SKU DS6205X7

DNP DS620A 6" x 8" Dye-Sub Media Paper

SKU: DS6206X8
2 rolls per box | 200 Prints per roll | SKU DS6206X8
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